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The efficiency of the modern hospital basically depends upon the efficiency to manage the administration, voluminous patients and the information of finance on the minute-minute basis.

Elixir-AID is a very easy to use and the comprehensive system of hospital management meeting this requirement round the clock.  Developed within the consultation with the leading providers of the healthcare and in depth of the hospital study processes.

Our Advantages

User Friendly design

Elixir Aid offers a very interesting user design interface which can be accessed on mobile, tablets, smart phones and desktops. In accordance with the priorities of the user, the features can be accessed, without the delay of a single second or minute. They can run on all standard hardware platforms and Window Browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.


Productivity increase

Elixir Aid facilitates an increased productivity in its overall working with a complete restoration of clinical efficiency, focusing on the technological impacts and easy payment methods. Due to the rapid flow of operations through Elixir Aid, tasks are completed readily and easily, paving way for the fast recovery of patients. Through this any healthcare organization can accommodate more patients, which inclines their goodwill, reputation and revenue.

Easy to be customized

Hospital management system is a flexible, powerful and easier to use and is developed and designed to deliver the real conceivable advantages to the clinics and hospitals essentially being backed by dependable and the reliable Elixir-Aid. Elixir-Aid is designed for the multi- specialty hospitals for covering up a wide range of management and administration hospital processes. It is user configurable and also Customizable in all the major Elixir-Aid enables doctors and the hospitals for better serving the patients.

Hospital Management Software

ELIXIR-Aid – The most advanced Hospital Management System Software

Everything you need for operational effectiveness.

Faster information visibility
Combination of integration, functionality, and the built-in value.
Greater effectiveness and the efficiency.
Bring order of faster delivery of emergency medicines.
Ease operations with the financial management
Enhance the patient care

Our Salient Features

  • Enhancing operational effectiveness with reduced costs is one of the core objectives of Elixir Aid. With the implementation of the available resources, high quality health care delivery is always ensured. These include facilities like operating rooms and ICUs with additional facilities like defibrillators and MRI Scanners. With the help of Elixir Aid, all the functions of a hospital are effectively synchronized.

Through a detailed self-service analysis, Elixir Aid enables the operations team of healthcare environment to streamline factored and make proper decisions, that would reduce the costs of the overall system. In addition to that, a faster information visibility and access is also acquired. Any delays in the day-to-day activities also get reduced, which enhances accuracy and efficiency.

  • Patient module is the core module in Elixir-Aid. Here we can register the new patient, and all basic details regarding the patients are entered while registering.
  • Inpatient and Outpatient details are entered. If patients are the inpatient, with Elixir-Aid hospital management system you could check the room availability in the particular ward.
  • Easily schedule appointments for the new patients in which time, date, doctor and the departments were available at that time.
  • Adds urgency and the reminders to the patients.
  • With Elixir-Aid we can improve the patients caring quality.

Elixir Aid’s resource optimization solutions significantly maximizes the management control levels in any health care organization. It has facilities to allocate physicians, equipments and facilities to concerned patients in cross departments who are in emergency need. It shares relevant data about the current organization status across a cross departmental platform, which do help in the planning of multiple entities. It has facilities to operate a flow management both during a pre-procedure and a post procedure. It minimizes administrative costs through the complex coordination of resources which increases the annu8al profit of any healthcare organization.

High flexibility degrees are overbooked automatically in case of emergencies.

Elixir Aid features clear cut identification of all existing problems about patients, employee and managements. It facilitates any administrator by specifying the recommended decision criteria.

Quick development of alternatives (an alternate physician or an alternate equipment) in case if any failure occurs for the first one. Elixir Aid’s decision making module include rapid comparison of alternatives so that any bad situation can be prevented from getting worse.

Automatic implementation of choice is carried out from the best solutions which makes the complete process fast. It also includes facilities to control and monitor the results of any decisions and analyze the same before making another decision next time.

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