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Introducing ELIXIR-AID

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Collaberating the entire resources of a hospital into a single platform is going to ease the tireless work hurdles of the concerned authorities and staff. This is the main objective behind the emergence of the popular hospital management system, Elixir Aid. Apart from that, Elixir Aid becomes a real aid to the E-governance initiatives of making the hospital management, paperless. With the implementation of user-friendly modules, Elixir Aid offers a world-class solution, allowing easier access of info and timely treatment decisions.

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As the Rural hospital, you are now challenged every day with the declining of patient volume, higher fixed costs, and the resource shortages. So finding and implementing the hospital information management system will involve more than just the desire for enhancing the safety of the patients. Introducing the Elixir-Aid is specifically designed for the worldwide chains of rural hospitals.

  • Instant Information retrieval.
  • Least Manpower Requirement
  • Cloud based System
  • Complete and extensive hospital management solution

Our Features

Totally Renewed Hospital Management System