Business Intelligence: Knock-down the Challenges and Explore the Opportunities of Health Care Management

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October 22, 2016
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January 22, 2017
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Business Intelligence: Knock-down the Challenges and Explore the Opportunities of Health Care Management

Health Care Management

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) does have an important role in controlling the outcome of business procedures. There is no difference in the concept with the health care sector too. The increasing rush of information flow and the indispensable solution of data analysis are demanding a support system for new technology implementation. And here comes the concept of Business Intelligence, a practical path for solving out challenges in real perspective.

What exactly is Business Intelligence?

According to technical presentation BI indicates any application that is used for analyzing data and supporting the decision process. So even a simple excel spread sheet that does decision making through data analysis can be considered as the basic from of BI. But in reality the concept of BI have a larger image and reflects an advanced state of human intellectual capacity.

Even though the concept behind BI is brilliant, the support of additional resources is unavoidable.

Utilization of Data at an Advanced Level

Before starting out, the team must be clear regarding the data that is going get scrutinized. In hospital management, the diversity of the Information Technology is explored to the maximum. In a way, the space of IT is utilized in different department with different purposes. So the task of retrieving data from the system and integrating it with another system can be challenging. Here come the need of a data warehouse system and the implementation of the ETL process. The complexity of this supporting concept can vary according to the data under analysis. Once the implementation is over data analysis and decision making task will get simplified. The best part is that data analysis becomes more accurate based on the principles.

But the challenges with implementation of such systems are many. Firstly, the emergency from the management level cannot do any help for a system that demands time and involves complex integrations. When the implementation is done to the hospital departmental system, the knowledge of data is very much important. But on a hospital setting the task of drawing the data setting becomes a complex task. The technical implementation of data analysis can be done only through, detailed knowledge regarding the applications involved in different department. So in short, deep involvement of the technical team with the associated people of the health care department becomes indispensable.

Business Intelligence from the Technical Perspective

Don’t get surprised with the dominating role of Microsoft excel on business intelligence. It is used as the most valid tool for data analysis and decision making. The importance of the excel application cannot be replaced by anything else, at least in the near future. But as the complexity of data increases the need for advanced BI application becomes mandatory. The actual BI system is used as the most accurate Knowledge Process Indicator (KPI).

Anyhow the success of the implementation starts with the proper analysis of the individual requirement. This requires close interaction of the IT department with the management, departmental head. So the final release of a BI document includes the following topics:

What makes BI important for your organization or in other words ‘goal’ behind the implementation?

Analyzing and visualizing different possibility of data.

The personal requirement of the organization

The compatibility with different systems and its integration possibility

Details regarding the installation

Finally, the performance and the success range of the application

Professionalism in Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is definitely not a simple concept. So just like any other application, its functional side does require qualified resources. As this field is undergoing continuous development, it is important that the managing team or person is given professional training on a regular basis. For example, if we consider the recent implementation of BI on Radiology department, then the administrator will be the person who has the knowledge of the data integrated into the application. So the need for supporting the person on IT skills on an outer layer is important. The training can start range from one month to one year, depending on the complexity of the application and personal skill of the individual.

The result of the implementation can get evaluated from two weeks onwards. The first indication will be towards the decrease in manual involvement in report preparation and publishing. Remember, a substantial investment is required for the application. But finally, it will definitely make the organization prosper.

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